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Discover a store with unique ambiance and hear felt warmth nestled in 5,500 square feet of retail space. Celebrating six years in business, Vintage Grind House takes customers on a journey through the past. This eclectic vintage and signature designer furniture gallery is the place to cultivate your unique sense of style and express it with pride. Feeling playful? Vintage Grind House has everything from lively prints and patterns to superb finds. For those who prefer to upgrade, Vintage Grind House offers a range of refurbishing services (woodworking, upholstering, etc.) designed to ignite the imagination. Seeking inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Passion and artistry abound, every piece has been hand-picked with the utmost care and discerning eye. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. No one knows this better than Anastasia Elkina & Joe Grillo, owners of Vintage Grind House. Their enduring commitment to serving clients and finding unique pieces that stand out in the best possible way is a key factor of their retail success. It’s both a passion and a pleasure to make a connection with every person who walks through the door. They take pride in creating an enjoyable shopping experience, sharing their curated collection and interior design savvy to act as guide and advisor, exceeding clients’ expectations at every opportunity. Global travel is a big source of inspiration, with frequent trips to locations around the world to collect furniture, accessories and art. Clients quickly flock to see the latest finds and one-of-a-kind pieces, including a vintage Vladimir Kagan Serpentine sectional Comete sofa for Roche Bobois, a monumental, vintage Italian marble "Toilette Di Venus" sculpture, an antique Italian hand carved lion motif tufted leather sofa & chair set, and an antique 19th Century French Baccarat bronze ormolu mounted large crystal decanter set. Mixing modern pieces with traditional finds, Vintage Grind House is a literal tour from Baroque to Herman Miller in a few short steps. "Our main goal is to create a curated, sophisticated space that showcases products with integrity that will become the heart of the home” says Elkina and Grillo. Given their broad range of experience, attention to detail and open minds, shoppers always feel confident in touring the space to find something unique. No matter the scope or budget of a project, Vintage Grind House offers a diverse mix of high and low. Their main advice is, “Don’t put anything in your home that you don't love. While custom furniture can establish a room, you’ll find the greatest joy in sourcing unique pieces from the past that are conversation starters. Treasures like that inspire us.”